Development experience of India Pakistan and China - Indian economy -

Development experience of India Pakistan and China – Indian economy

Development experience of India Pakistan and China

A. China

1. In China adopted development strategy

2. Establishment of Republic of China in 1949

3. China adopted socialist economy (public sector

    major role)

4. First five year plan introduced in China in 1953

Great Leap Forward policy (GLF)

1. Glf established in 1958 in China

2. It promote industrialisation in rural area

3. Under this program people were encouraged to setup industries in their backyard

4. In rural areas communes where started, people collectively cultivated lands

● Great proletarian cultural revolution

In 1965 ‘Mao’ introduced that great proletarian Cultural Revolution 1966 to 1976, under which students and professionals wear send to work and learn from the countryside

● Reforms introduced in 1978 in China (economic reform)

Phase 1

1. Agriculture, foreign trade and investment

   ( development of These areas)

2. Communes lands were divided into small plots  which were allotted to the the in individual

Phase 2

Reform where initiate in the industrial sector

● Dual pricing system

Farmers and industrial units were required to buy and sell fixed quantities of inputs and outputs on the basis of prices fixed by the government

Special economic zones (SEZ)

In order to attract foreign Investors special economic zones were set up

B. Pakistan

1. After independence Pakistan adopted development strategy

2. Pakistan adopted mixed economy (private and  public)

3. Green revolution in Pakistan in 1953

4. Economic reform in Pakistan in 1988

5. Importance to role of public sector and private  sector

● After independence almost same policy and formulation adopted by India and Pakistan

C. India

Already you read all about details of India in previous chapter

   Comparative study of India Pakistan and China

Demographic indicators

                                China.      India.        Pakistan

A. Population          1st             2nd             3rd

B. Growth rate 

    of population     0.47%         1.76%          1.8%

C. Density of 

     Population         143               382              225 

D. Sex ratio         941&947    929&1000    941&947

C. Urbanisation      51%             31.2%       37.2%

● Growth indicator (data available in text book)

● Structure of growth (Data available in textbook)

          Human Development Indicator

1. HDI

A. China – 0.752    B. India – 0.640    C. Pakistan – 0.562

2. Life expactancy at birth

A. China – 76 years       B. India – 68.3 years           C. Pakistan – 66.4 years

3. Improved water sources

A. China – 1st  B. India – 3rd  C. Pakistan – 2nd

4. Improve sanitation

A. China – 1st  B. India – 3rd  C. Pakistan – 2nd

5. Adults literacy rate

A. China – 94%  B. India – 62.8%. C. Pakistan – 55.5%


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