Top 5 movie high record on boxoffice for student -

Top 5 movie high record on boxoffice for student

top 5 movie for students that should watch 

Do you know that every person watch movie but which is the best movie for students future some

 movie learn different knowledge for different ways but they do not able to decide which is the best for me because i am a student. Every 

student think that i have to should watch movies for entertainment and also mind fresh. Mind fresh this is right thinking. It is most important 

for mind but it is waste of time for students i thik which movie should watch that they give 

positive thinking and good idea for bright future. Every movie has minimum length 1:30 to 2:30 

every hour are important for students life but they  do waste of time in watching movies 

But some is available that it is give inspiration

Top 5 movie is best for student that should watch movies

1. Nil Batey Sannata

2. 3 idiots

3. Student of the year

4. Kabir singh


We will now discuss in movie one by one in full details and we know that which is the most 

important point on movies for all students to learning for best future in student life so we will 

discuss all movie one by one at firt we will discuss move nil batey sannata 

1. Nil batey sannata

The director of movie is Ashwiny lyar Tiwari

In this movie we learn how to become IAS officer daughter of washing women his mother is a servent of a old leady and she wash clothes.

The story of movie related to poor women his mother very poor and she has no husband the story was started fron here that most character 

in this film of a small girl and second character her mother and fourt character old lady of foreign country in this person the main 

character is a small girl. Now we will start the story of movie. A girl don’t want to read but his want to teach for become ias officer. So her mother

mother want to teach. And she want thai my daughter becomes IAS officer but a small girl

couldn’t read because she think i am a very poor faimaily and her mother has lot of money for his study.but her mother’s hard work for his career

This movie is very interesting related to life and this movie wnat to watch every one and this movie learn that how to work foe become IAS 

Character of acter

Small girl

His mother

Old Lady

Most character of this movie a small girl and her mother and last character is old lady the girl is Long character in this movie because main roll 

of this movie. This movie provide always knowledge in full movie this movie is very 

important for all students because this movie learn how to become IAS and how to read also  

her mother teach own daughter. Also her mother go to school both mother and daughter because

 the girl was very weak in maths subject so his mother go to school for his strong math. Mostly 

all students weak in math subject so how can fight from math in this film we learn from math that how to fight.

More details of movie please watch the movie this is the best movie and you find many solution in this movie of your life.

Next movie is 3 idiots

3  idiots movie is a one of the best movie because this movie is related to study means student life.

The director of movie is Rajkumar Hirani this movie is very interesting and also funy character in this movie.

The movie is top and break many films records and earn more money because all over India’s records. In this movie the main character of 

movie is Amir khan. And actress is karina kapoor, R. Madhawan and omi vidya.

The story of movie is reading life and The main actor of movie is Amir khan. Amir khan very intelligent in all subject and most important 

thing is over intelligent in maths subject because they solve math of 10th classes and they was not show own talent.This movie waa release in 2009

Student of the year

This movie was best for all students because this movie based on student life. 

And this movie also funny for your entertainment. Not a boaring movie this is hited movie the main character in this movie is varun dhawan and actress Aaliya Bhat. 
The story of movie related to back banches
The director of student of the year is Karan johar one of the best director of the Bollywood movie.

Box Office calculation of this movie is 109.12 crore. The story of this movie by karan johar funny movie but also emotional movie and all song very nice.

Romantic Dramas. By actors and actress Rivals turned friends find their bromance and romance movie tested when they battle it out to win not only a grueling school competition, but also the same girl’s heart. 

Starring:Sidharth Malhotra,Alia Bhatt,Varun Dhawan.This is a competition level movie of college.

Next movie Kabir singh top movie

Kabir singh is best movie for students because this movie is related to college and students life. the main acting by kabir singh sahid kapoor is kabir singh this is best movie also this movie related to love story kabir sing topper of college.

The director of kabir singh is Sandeep Reddy Vanga kabir singh is a doctor and many opration successful and lastly the kabir singh fall on love Kiara Advani she is actress of this movie. Box-office collection is 380 crore


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