Review of top five amazing application -

Review of top five amazing application

Review of latest top five AMAZING Android application

Latest publish app on Google play store. Very interesting and amazing app for useful. You can use for new latest function and new features. In this post we will learn how use five app how install, how work this application which app we shall use. All topics we will cover in this post one by one.

List of top five Amazing application for your useful

• chat status

• Bazaart

• Jio pages

• Beatsync

•Apna shayari

Top five application all are best for every user because this is Amazing app and most important features. Now we shall discuss all about one by one. About new features new updates.

What is chat status How to use 

Chat status is a like whatsapp application but different fron whatsapp. Because it has different you can find all details of whatsapp groups. You can find out all data from any whatsapp group.

Which person send more massages and how many times send massage. Also different different functions in this application.

Chat status is available on Google play store. chat status does not collect any information. 

Doesn’t require any permission. This application is help for find whatsapp group details by statistics. 

All this information collect with data and graphics is displayed on a single page, all data collection in one page. 

so that in a simple way you can save, send or share with other users.

How to install Chat Status

You can simply install from Google play store This is the free application. 
In this application you can know that which user join in this group. And how many massege send on this group.

All information you can find out with the help of Chat Status.
Click for Download Chat Status app

Open any group of whatsapp like that you can find details of any group simple you have to open this group and click three dot and then click chat export. 

Then you have see pop-up window then you have to select Chat Status application. And you will see details of this group.

Now we will talk about next appointment that is Bazaart. 

How to convert any image in png in one second

If you can convert any image in png then you can do it this is a very simple and you can change in one second. 

At first you will install app. Because you can convert with the help of android application. 

This is BAZAART. This is also available on Google play store. And this application is free you can simply download by play store.

Best application for make png for any image and also different different background available on this app easly Remove background and also convert any format in png very easily by Bazaart.

This is app link you can simply click for application.

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Well, sometimes a picture just doesn’t cut it anymore. In Bazaart, you can easily combine photos, text and graphics and create something completely new.

Your designs are always auto-saved so you can revisit them whenever you feel like and edit any layer. You can focus on your design and we’ll take care of the rest. Best design app for Android mobile.

• Jio pages

Jio pages is most popular for jio this application is android browser for browsering. This browser is different from other browser because This browser do not have any history.

And browsering power is very fast from other browser. Also you can download from play store. This is free of cost in play store.

JioPages is the first Indian web browser designed to deliver safe, fast & uninterrupted browsing experience.

JioPages gives a personalized & secure web browsing experience. With this Indian browser you can now customize your home screen, bookmark websites in Incognito mode and secure it with a pin. And this save browser for you no any history in this browser.

JioPages is truly Indian at heart. You can now choose to browse in your preferred regional language, pin regional sites to home screen & receive news updates in preferred language to stay updated.

This web browser comes with a download manager, 

QR code scanner, voice search to ensure a seamless browsing experience.

Highlights of JioPages

Personalized home screen: 

1) Customize ‘Quick links’ for quick access to your favorite sites on browser’s home page.

2) ‘Informative Cards’ for live updates on topics of your choice. JioPages is the one of its kind mobile browser which give you access to the information of your interest, at you finger tips.

3) Choose which theme to browse in or simply switch to ‘Dark mode’ for a comfortable view.

Browse in your regional language:

1) Browse in your preferred language: 8 languages to choose from (Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali)

2) Access popular regional sites across categories & add them to your home screen

3) News feeds in regional language: Stay updated with local, national and international events.

Secure Incognito Mode: 

You can bookmark websites while browsing in Incognito mode and secure it with a pin. This secure browser while shield you while browsing online.

Uninterrupted Browsing

1. Download Manager: Auto categorization of downloaded files on the basis of file type – Image, Video, Document, Pages. This advance browser will make content management much easier.

2. QR code scanner & Voice search

 Access websites by scanning QR code or simply saying the keywords by tap the mic button.

3. Landscape View: Experience highly optimized view while streaming videos & playing games

4. Ad Blocker Plus: Block ads & pop ups for a seamless browsing experience with a sharp focus on personalization and localization for Indian users.

In this app 10m+ user and 51 mb size of this application. 

 We at Jio Platforms Ltd. are always trying to create the best experience for you and working round the clock to bring advance and exciting features on JioPages. 

Download jiopages click here

Beatsync what is ? And how to use

This application is famous for editing and makeing short video by this app. And also you can make video by your image.
No editing this is automatically edit photo to video and automatically load audio. You can also change audio and background also you can edit video 
This application is available on Google play store.
This is helpful for us because making short video for whatsapp status,fb status,unsta status can simply download this app.

Last application is Apna Shayari all types of Shayari available in this app

This application is made by easy Adda website. You can find out on Google play store for Daily Entertainment. In this app you can get daily updates through the websider For your entertainment.

The most important for you all application
Most important category available on Apna Shayari application. Like Birthday, funny shayari, Sad shayari, emotional shayari etc are available on this application.


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