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Happy new year Whatsapp viral script for 2021

How to make whatsapp viral script for blogger on Happy New Year 2021

We know that New year is coming in few day’s so all friend want to wishing closer friend, related, and many of people 

through the social media like whatsapp, facebook, instagram, twitter etc.

In this post you will get advanced whatsapp script for New year wishing.

What is wishing script and how to get it

Whatsapp script is a viral script for wishing friends, relationship, closer friend and other people that you want to wish fo 

new year 2021. Every one want wish in Happy new year. So i want give a script for wishes.

How to earn feom Happy new year wishing script for blogger

Every blogger want to earn from blog and they find simple way to earn.

 But His blog want to approve from Google Adsense. 

Then they earn money from blog through the viral script of Happy new year. It is a simple method for get traffic and more money from this script. 

I will provide two wishing script of New year 2021.

 Also you can change for upcoming festival like Basant panchami, Holi , Maha shivaratri and many of festival you can change it.

How to download Happy New Year wishing script

I am giving three wishing script for New year 2021 this is a very beautiful script for 

everyone and you can wish and download this script on directly google drive.link will be given below

How to earn money from wishing script new year 2021 

Simple you can download this script from click to download New year 2021.

 And paste on blogger theme. And simply you can paste Adsense code in your wishing script and then you share the 

script on social media app like whatsapp, facebook, instagram etc. And earn more money from wishing script 2021.

Effect on Adsense account

If you are a new blogger and your traffic is very low then you can’t use this. 

because this traffic will come from social media app and your traffic goes to invalid 

traffic so you can’t it and adsense fall on ad limit problem and may be your account disable.

How to make upcoming festival like Maha shivratri

If you can make upcoming festival viral script like maha shivratri, Holi , sarswati pooja etc please comment and contact with me i will provide all types of script.

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