how to get adsence approval for blog or website -

how to get adsence approval for blog or website

 How to get Adsense Approval on blogger websites in 2021 

Very easy to get adsense approval but some people say that very difficult to get Adsense Approval. In this post i will tell about how to Approve blogger website. 

I will give full information. It is very simple but it is difficult to another people. Only you must follow the steps.

Most requirements for Adsense Approval on blogs.

At first Top level domain like .com .in .net .org then second things is blogger template you can use free template no problem. 

Then template customization template should be responsive. Make site map for 

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Most important page
 ● About

 ● contact us

 ● disclaimer

 ● privacy policy

Minimum post in blog for adsense approval

 25 to 30 post should have on blog for one time adsense approval in 2021.

All post should be 800 to 1000 words.

No copyright contains and 
No copyright images

Your article should be unique

 Note :- template should be proper work

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About youtuber

When you search how to get adsense approval in youtube then many youtuber tell different different things they tell very hard for adsense approval. But i say that not hard its very easy to get adsense approval.

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Important notice for blogger
If any blogger they have blog but not got adsense approval they can contact me for adsense approval free of cost no money. I will help.

Adsense approval in 24 hours.

How to submit blog website in Google Adsense

Simple you go to adsense account then click three dot and you find a options that is sites then you can submit here.

Website submit for adsense approval

When all setup complete then you submit for adsense approval. After the submitting you have to continue writing posts. Daily one post publish on blog that wait for reply from Google.

 This is the short post but very helpful

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How long does AdSense take to approve

30 days old domain then your website is ready to submit for Google Adsense approval.


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