new wwe universal championship 2023 -

new wwe universal championship 2023

New wwe universal championship 2023

new wwe universal championship 2023

As you all know that the new wwe universal championship is a very popular topic, at this time there is a lot of trend going on in usa, so today we will know about this, who is the wwe universal championship this time.

Who is New wwe universal championship 2023

The new wwe universal championship is Roman Reigns
Time Held 1007 days

Roman Reigns all about

Roman reigns is an American football player. He is got new wwe universal championship 2023. He is currently join wwe.

Bio for Roman Reigns

Born – may 25, 1985
Occupation – actors and football players
Height – 6 fit
Weight – 160 kg

wwe universal championship 

Roman Reigns is a six time championship in world on wwe. He is very famous in usa of wwe universal championship.
Roman Reigns has shown roles in his films many times, he has also made many such American films, but today it is the championship of wwe and it will remain as a championship for 1007 days, and there are other American actors too.

WWE Unveils New Undisputed Championship  Roman Reigns for 1,000 Days 

Roman Reigns is a four-time WWE champion and a two-time Universal champion. He’s also held the Intercontinental, United States and Tag Team belts one time 1007 days.

So you must have come to know how famous this person is becoming and why not he has all the talent.

Who will be the new universal champion?

The Roman Reigns is the new universal champion for 1007 days with 2 belt.

Is Roman Reigns Universal Champion?

Yes the Roman reigns is universal champion in 2023. Roam Reigns are many times make champion of wwe.

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