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iPhone 15 Pro Max Costs $100 More Than iPhone 14 Pro Max, But It Only Costs $37.7 More to Make

iPhone 15 Star Max Expenses $100 More Than iPhone 14 Expert Max, Yet It Just Expenses $37.7 More to Make

iPhone 15 Pro Max Costs. Apple presented the iPhone 15 family at an occasion in September 2023. The most remarkable model in the series was the iPhone 15 Star Max, with its cost and elements. The telephone was additionally discussed in light of the fact that it was $100 more costly than the iPhone 14 Master Max, which was delivered the earlier year at $1,099. So for what reason did Apple pursue this choice? Charges that the organization’s creation costs had expanded arisen. A new report uncovered the expense contrast between the two telephones. Here are the subtleties…

Apple’s iPhone 15 Master Max Cost Increment Because of New Elements Cost or Net revenue? iPhone 15 Pro Max Costs

iPhone 15 Pro Max Costs
iPhone 15 Pro Max Costs


Apple’s expense to create the 8GB + 256GB iPhone 15 Star Max is 8% higher than the 6GB + 256GB iPhone 14 Master Max, as per research by Antithesis. This implies that Apple could either retain the expense increment itself or increment the cost by a more modest sum to limit the effect on customers. Nonetheless, the organization did not one or the other. As you most likely are aware, the iPhone 15 Master Max is a stalwart with regards to execution.

The most compelling motivation for this is Apple’s new age versatile processor, the A17 Star, which is made utilizing TSMC’s 3nm cycle innovation. The organization expanded computer chip and GPU execution by 20% thanks to this processor. Moreover, beam following and DLSS-like advances additionally advanced into our lives with this A17 Master. Sadly, the cost of this presentation was reflected in the iPhone 15 Expert Max’s expense as a $30 increment.

Apple’s most memorable 5x fax camera was one more component that expanded the expense of the iPhone 15 Expert Max. The camera has a central length of 120mm and utilizes a fourfold reflection crystal to mirror light. This permits clients to take more clear close-ups of additional far off objects. Apple likewise utilized a 3D sensor-shift OIS innovation that can make 10,000 miniature changes each second. These highlights make the iPhone 15 Genius Max’s camera framework 34% more costly than the iPhone 14 Expert Max’s.

As you most likely are aware, Apple utilized titanium compound for the casing of the iPhone 15 Ace Max. This choice decreased the heaviness of the gadget by around 20 grams, making it the lightest Expert Max model at any point delivered. Notwithstanding, everything has a cost, and the expense of the new case expanded by 18% contrasted with the iPhone 14 Genius Max.

Also, not all advancements were negative. Apple’s Smash costs fell by 35%, and its showcase costs fell by 4%. In view of all of this, we can expect that the primary justification for the organization’s cost increment isn’t cost, yet benefit.

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