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Strategy of industrial growth 1947-1990 – Indian economy

Strategy of Industrial Growth 1947-1990   ● Importance of Industry 1. Source of implements 2. Promote modernization 3. Increase in national income 4. Infrastructural growth 5. GDP growth Strategy of Industrial Growth Also Read • indian economy full guide and notes • Delhi university   ● Need for public sector in industrial development 1. Lack of capital … Read more

Features problems and policies of agriculture(1950-1990)

Features Problems and Policies Of Agriculture 1950-1990   ● Importance Of Agriculture Best Laptop under 30,000 for students. New laptop in 2021 with SSD   72% of working population in agriculture predominance 1. Contribution to GDP 2. Supply of food grains 3. Source of employment 4. Supply of raw material 5. Source of demand for … Read more

Five year plans in India goals and achievements

  Five year plans in India goals and               achievements (1950-1990) ●Niti Ayog (Planning Commission)- 5years  (1950) ● first five year plan started in 1951 1st April ● Economic planning- it refers to the utilisation of countries resources in the different development activities in accordance with National priorities • India … Read more

Indian economy on the eve of Independence – Indian economy

 Indian economy on the eve of Independence Indian economy on the eve of Independence     At first you know that our Indian economy before independence was exploited by Britishers and after independence our economy struggle for development in different sector And change the economic policy behalf of the needs so now we learn about … Read more

Marketing – Business studies

                        Marketing  ● What is a market?    The term market refers to the place where  buyers and sellers gather to enter into the transaction involving the exchange of goods and services • But in modern marketing sense it refers to a set  of … Read more

Financial market – Business studies

                   Financial markets Financial market is a market for creation and exchange of financial assets or securities    link between savers and borrowers ● functions of financial market 1. Mobilization of Savings and channelizing them into most  productive use 2. Facilitating price Discovery 3. Provide liquid to … Read more