Cyber Security - Couple's Challenge

 Cyber Security - Couple's Challenge

At first we al know that social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

In this platform many users active and daily uploaded post .

This post can be photos,videos,article etc. But many users uploaded sister's, girlfriend,and many females .

These users don't know that this post is created problem because many cyber criminal available and these work is hacked your personal data and privacy and blackmail you for money If you don't know this information.

Now this time that you read this post after read this post you knowing about your privacy and How to secure your privacy?

Now a days 'couple's challenges' is more popular trends to be counted in social media.

Now yet world's most people do couple's challenges, friends challenges,single challenges etc Hashtag with own photographs facebook, Twitter, Instagram like social media platforms are uploaded in social media.

Even though you share of these photos for renewable of memories and many challenges but your privacy can in danger mode.

Misuse of your photos by any other. Pune police also described this matter in front of people through Twitter. 

Again you think at first you upload photos with partners.If you don't careful then your cute moment can create many problems.

Only not problems of only individual.

Many cyber criminals are hacked banks details and all amounts of banks are theft by hacker.

Many banks and financial institutions kept a cyber professionalist for security of hacking. Cyber professionalist is also keep your privacy secure.

How to become Hacker? ( Cyber specialist)

For become a cyber specialist , at first we know that how server run? At first you learn language of programming.

Example for basic language java, CSS, php, html,etc.

The main language of hacker is Python,C++,C and newly language launch by google is 'KOTLIN' and etc.

At first you link. server and computer networking but most important work is identity of IP address of another server whose you want hack And you need to find location of whose server you want hack .

The biggest hacker of india is Arun tarora. Arun tarora become a hacker in lowest age. arun tarora is a ethical hacker.

Do secure your privacy :

In social media even as any challenges is started, Generally people without thinking and understanding share photos,Videos, Clips in social media.

Police getting these problems from people's,Misused of their photos, Videos, and clips. This photos, Videos and clips are used for pornography, deepfake or any cyber crime.

You let it be known that many sites and apps are present that your photos and videos are modifying in nude mode.

Your normal photos are converted into pornographic after that anyone blackmailing you for moneys and any other reasons with your photos. So please I request, please be careful.

He wasn't purchase any coaching and any course for learning hacking.

He learn hacking from his father's purchased laptop,when his father's laptop is dead then he repair laptop it's self.

he knowing all languages of computer in age 12 years

Keep in mind that matter

● Before you think that any challenges and private information are share in social media that cyber criminals are active Cyber criminals are misused of your information and photos.

●Photos and videos are created by using helps of AI in deepfake. Search are more difficult that photos aren't real if you don't see careful .

●Your modifying photos and videos are used for pornography and use for blackmailing.

●You turn on profile guard at that time of profile picture uploading. Your that works, Any people's are not able to download your photos


Our objectives is that You careful for these activities and safe your own self.

In my blogs many knowledgeable item are present for students. We also provide all classes subjects. Notes and pdf.

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