Forest and wildlife Resources

Forest and wildlife Resources

Forest and wildlife Resources

• India is one of the world's richest countries in terms of its vast array of biological diversity and has about 8% of total number of species present in the world.

Forest and wildlife Resources.

Forest and wildlife Resources notes of class 10th.

fauna :- animal species found on the earth in natural environment.

flora :- plant species found in the earth.

vulnerable species :- these are the species whose population is regularly declined. if the negative factor continue to operate them it is likely to move into endangered category.
Eg. Blue sip, genetic dolphin ,Asiatic elephant etc.

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Our planet earth is a home to millions of living beings. From micro-organisms and bacteria, lichens to banyan trees, elephants, and blue whales, there is a vast multitude of life organise found on the earth. Sadly, the human beings today have transformed the nature and wildlife into a resources.

Rare species :- these are the species of low population if the negative factor continue to operate then they will also move into the endangered or vulnerable category 
example - wild Asiatic buffalo, desert fox , himalayan brown bear etc.

• endemic species :- endemic species are spaces which are found in some specific area usually isolated by geographical or natural barriers
Eg :- nicobar pigeon andaman wild pig, andaman teal etc.

Extinct species :- Extinct species are dost species which are not found after search in the area they may be likely to occur. it means that such as basis main exiting from a local area, reason, country , continent are the entire Earth

Eg - pink head duck , Asiatic cheetah etc.

Negative factors for the deflection of flora and fauna.

• expansion of the Railways agriculture commercial and Scientific Forestry and mining activities.

• deforestation due to shifting cultivation a type of slash and Burn agriculture.

(i) large scale development project clearing of forest for Narmada Sagar project in Madhya Pradesh.

(ii) meaning is another factor for deforestation.

(iii) grazing and fuel wood collection.

(iv) environmental destruction is also caused due to to an equal access equitable conjunction of resources and differential sharing of responsibility for environmental well being.

(v) over-population

India is said to be one of the world’s richest countries in terms of the biological diversity. It has more than 8 percent of the total number of species in the world that is estimated to be 1.6 million.

Conservation of forest and wildlife in India.

Indian economy 1950 - 1990

• conservation is the prevention of ecological diversity and our life support system soil water and air air it reserve the Genetic diversity of animals and plants for better growth of species and breeding.

• for protecting Habitat the Indian wildlife Act was implemented in 1972.

provision of Indian wildlife act are :-

(i) list of protected species was published

(ii) banning the hunting of endangered species and giving level protection to this habitats.

(iii) trade in wildlife was restricted.

(iv) government established national parks and wildlife centuries.

• under the wildlife act of 1980 and 1986 several butterflies moths better land one Dragonfly have been added to protected species for the first time plants were also added in 1991 to the list.

Types and distribution of forest and wildlife resources

In our country India most of the forest and wildlife resources are owned or managed by Forest Department thus they classified the forest under the following categories.

(i) Reserved forest :- reserved forests are considered most valuable for conservation of forest and wildlife resources are concert.

(ii) protected forest :- under this category forest land are protected from any further depletion

(iii) unclassed forest :- these are other forest Vichar owned by both Government and private individual and communities.

Why increase the area of forest in India ?

It is necessary to increase the area of forest in India because.

i. Sofa forest area is below the recommended ratio of 33% total geographical area.

ii. To combat the global warming, Ozone deplation, Tsunamis like disaster.

iii. A number of animals and plant species are endangered or extinct due to depletion of forest.

Project Tiger

Tiger is one of the ke wildlife species in the faunnal web. In 1973 , the authorities held that the Tiger population had dwindled to 1827 from and estimated 55000 at the turn of the the century measure Tiger poaching for trade shrinking habitat depletion of species is growing human population etc.

Project Tiger is one of the well publicist wildlife camp agents in the world that was launched in in 1973 in 1993 the population of Tiger had dropped to 36000 there are 27 Tiger reserves in India.


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