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Heeraben Modi News

we know that our primeminister Narendra modi of our country. his mothers will be death todays. this time is very sad. his mothers was born 18 june 1923 and now todys 30 december her mothers was death.


Hiraben Modi 100th birday
His age is 100
his full name is - Hiraben Damodardas Modi
His born is - 18 june 1923
His death is - 30 December 2022

Hiraben modi was born on 18 june 1923 his belongs to Mehsana, Gujarat. her son is narendra modi he is priminister of our country.
Pm Modi meets his mother heeraben Modi on her Birthday.

Heeraben modi todays news

His mothers , mr. modi said , his mothers heeraben always respects.

PM Modi meets his mother Heeraben Modi her Birthday

Hiraben, also called Hiraba, lived at Raysan village near Gandhinagar city with PM Modi's younger brother Pankaj Modi.

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